हर हर महादेव

शत्रूची लूट
पंढरीची तूट
सोसले मुकट
हर हर महादेव

प्रजा बेजार
मुठीत तलवार
एकच ललकार
हर हर महादेव

शिवबाशी मेळ
मावळ्याचं बळ
स्वराज्याचा खेळ
हर हर महादेव

काफिरास संदेश
सोड प्रदेश
भवानीचा आदेश
हर हर महादेव

मातीची शप्पथ
उजळणार मुलुख
भगव्या रंगानं
हर हर महादेव

ओतून रक्तास
सजवू सह्याद्रीस
घडवू इतिहास
हर हर महादेव

History only remembers it’s leaders and heroes who led with a grand vision, but not the many without a name or face who gave their blood and sweat to make that vision a reality. With the war cry of हर हर महादेव (Har Har Mahadev), the mavala army of Shivaji captured over 300 forts across the rugged western ghats laying the foundation for swaraj or self rule.

PS: The religious references are only an attempt to recreate the times that existed 350 years ago. Today, such sentiments are anachronistic – as much as possible, religion and governance should stay as apart from each other.

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