Never Break a Mom’s Heart

Long cherished is this story,
here is a tale that is not fairy.
There was a town down the country,
where once lived her lad and a lady.

Jack was his name and she was Mary,
He was a kid and a star for his mummy.
She loved him for a minute every,
For he was born after prayers many.

Then came days when things changed,
Jack was young, his heart got engaged.
He filled his hands with roses red,
bent on his knees, to his love he confessed.

“Oh dear, you have become my life,
Let me cut my heart with a knife.
And every drop of the blood it will give,
Will show nothing else but you.”

The girl just gave a sigh and smiled.
She looked him at her feet and replied,
“No dear, don’t tear your core apart,
‘Coz I want no man with a hole in the heart?”

“Then with the burning fire shall I myself heat?
To get your love, what do I do, oh my sweet?”
She ordered “If you want our hearts to meet,
Get me your mother’s at my feet”.

“Just this simple thing my sweetie,
My mom won’t say no to see me happy.”
Love, thou are blind, how rightly say many,
Of mom’s all the sacrifices, he didn’t remember any.

What then followed was a deadly scene,
Jack entered his home with all thoughts of his queen.
“Oh my son, for so long where have you been?”
Asked Mary for she was worried for her teen.

“Listen to me mom”, there commanded Jack,
“To hold the hands of the girl in my dreams,
I want your old heart to stop beating,
and mom you won’t deny that, it seems.”

In thousands of tears, Mary saw herself drowning,
To live anymore she was not at all keen.
To God she prayed and thanked,
For she was happy she had no twins.

With her bleeding heart in hand, Jack ran,
Over the doorstep he got himself banged.
The mother’s heart flew out of the door,
Just to break into few pieces more.

And guess what every piece cried and said,
“Take care, son. For I have lifted pains great,
to see you where you are on this step.
Oh God, give back my life, my son is in need”

Banged these words on his head to clear all glare,
no more beat the broken heart as it lay there.
Jack cried for his mother in despair,
he reached out for her, but she was nowhere.

And when the sun rose on the judgment day,
Jack was not allowed even a word to say,
Without any delay to hell he was sent,
Don’t let this happen to you, oh my friend.

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